In Vorbasse Spejder, we value community and support across all levels. Our managers and board members work closely together to ensure successful activities and initiatives. Regardless of whether you are new or experienced, you can always count on support and help from the managers and the board. Together we create the best environment for our scouts.

Tasks :

Board meetings

Participates in nine to ten board meetings per year.

Management meetings

Convening and preparation of management meetings. The management meetings must be well prepared, so that decisions are avoided on too loose a basis. It has previously been decided that we in Vorbasse Spejder hold one to two meetings a year. The optimum could perhaps be to hold 1 meeting at the beginning of September with both managers and the group board, where you e.g. reviews contact rules, etc.

Member registration

Updating member lists/member system. The task is currently being solved in collaboration with Lene Knudsen. Obtaining child certificates.


Receive mail and report back. Ensure the greatest possible participation in district events. Attend district council meetings once or twice a year. Communicate relevant courses and events to the managers.


Present new releases (brands, etc.). This can be done at management meetings and group council meetings.

Administrative tasks

  • Contact the group board for the managers and participate in group board meetings.
  • Calendar updates with camps/activities etc.
  • Ensure that time sheets from the units are sent to the cashier right up to Christmas and the summer holidays.
  • Participate in planning both district camp and national camp together with the leaders and possibly Board of Directors.
    Be rope holder when participating in district tournaments and in mitten races.
  • Wishes and purchase of gear in collaboration with the girls.

Other tasks

Lead acquisition

Ensure that new managers receive a good introduction, e.g. by handing out an intro folder.

Membership recruitment

Ensure that the units are filled up, i.a. by launching membership promotion activities several times a year in collaboration with the board.

Participation in national meeting

Not a requirement, but a good idea.

Management training

Be a training supervisor for the managers and ensure registration. is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Workplace(s): Vorbasse
  • Assignmenttype: Counselling and self-help
  • Workarea: Nature and environment, Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: KFUM og KFUK

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  • Updated: 07.07.24
  • Expires: 04.10.24
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