We are looking for an energetic and cheerful person who will open our cozy cafe-house at 8 am, you would be preparing the breakfast meeting (which starts at 9:30am) by making coffee, set the table, bake buns and make sandwiches, along with other "early riser" volunteers. Also starting up the laundry and other tasks of the daily rota.

During the week we open up for guests at 10 am, and when we open for our guests the house should hopefully be "up and running".

We close at 4pm Monday to Friday, on Wednesdays however we close at 7.30 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays we close at 3:30pm.

Are you able to get up and start at 8 am? At the weekends you'd be opening at 9 am. 

Working hours will be agreed, but we need you to work for approximately 4 to 6 hours pr. shift. We are looking for someone who can help in the house between 1 and 4 times a week.

Duties: welcoming your colleagues with hot coffee and having breakfast table ready pm. 9.30. As well as baking bread, maybe start up cooking for the day and putting on the laundry from the day before (teatowels and aprons).

We emphasize a good team spirit, and share the daily tasks by matching your abilities to the task. We love to learn new things.

Tasks may also include wiping tables, chairs filling up paper and maybe shopping for the house in the local stores.

Are you interested? Please come and hear more or contact us by the formula 'contact organisation'.

We are a christian café, but open to all denomisations. 

 Important: You need a Danish Cpr. No and a Danish in order to apply

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  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter, Practical work, Visitors and nursing homes
  • Workarea: Church and religion, Health and care, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Cafe paraplyen, KFUMs Sociale Arbejde
  • Updated: 20.09.22
  • Expires: 15.03.23
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