• flowerarranging
  • weeding,  sowing and planting
  • serving customers from our little roadside sales booth
  • greenhouse
  • mowing the lawns
  • selling flowers and produce from aour little wayside stall 

Learn more about sustainability and ecology

Gallo Gartneriet is a cosy meeting place for everyone who loves the diversity of nature and plants, and you are welcome to bring good ideas and help develop the gardens . A great place to find peace of mind, and friendly colleagues

We offer :

  • A creative and healthy  job (feels more like more play than job) 
  • An informal work environment where you have a co-influence on tasks and working hours
  • learn more about living with a mental illness
  • experience and knowledge on gardening and organic principles 
  • a friendly work environment, with shared coffee breaks
  • insight into how nature is good for the mind 
  • A healthy lifestyle with free exercise for fun

Weexpect :

  • That you have an interest in plants and ecology and organic farming
  • That you want to work with people who have or have had mental problems 
  • That you are kind and outgoing

About the association :
Gallo Gartneri is one of the Gallo Activities, with the purpose of assisting recovery for mentally vulnerable through creative activities and meaningful work. We focus on the individual's resources and interests rather than illness and limitations. See www.gallogartneriet.dk for more information. or facebook

The garden is closed from about 20 December until the end of March.

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Practical work
  • Workarea: Nature and environment
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Gallo

Information about the organisation:

En bruger styret organistion der arbejder for Recovery - at komme sig efter psykiske problemer eller...
En bruger styret organistion der arbejder for Recovery - at komme sig efter psykiske problemer eller sygdom., gennem empowerment og Peer arbejde. Vi vil gerne bidrge til at fremme mental sundhed gennem oplysning og åbenhed. En af de bedste måde at komme sig er gennem arbejde - frivilligt eller lønnet - det drejer sig om ansvar og forventninger, det har vi alle brug for.

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  • Updated: 01.08.20
  • Expires: 30.10.20
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