1. To offer school classes, associations, institutions and companies a powerpoint-supported lecture about the development project 

2. But before we get that far we would like to involve you in making a powerpoint presentation of the trip, which we hope you will have or acquire the technical prerequisites for. This is the case in the construction of the powerpoint presentation to include Sayed's collected photos and other materials, such as Sayed in the straightforward trip, among other things. has hidden in the new IT program ViewWorld, which has just been developed for development cooperation between NGOs in the north and south.

And all in all, based on Frederikshavn Multietn Association's reign we travels to Herat to contribute to the delivery of the materials used by Herat's cooperation organization to receive urgent needs. In particular, it is about distributing computers and school furniture for educational purposes, so children no longer have to sit on the ground, hospital supplies such as elevators and instruments, and wheelchairs for wheelchairs to handle them. But also things to improve the environment. we and the South African Partner OLAWI is developing ongoing development strategies for the local area.

3. Another work to be done in parallel is to expand both the "Frederikshavn Multietn Association website and Facebook page for the purpose and, among other things, find relevant FB page to offer the material to

4. It may also be a matter of continuously making radio programs about the development project for Dialog at Frederikshavn Local Radio, which also publishes on the internet and links to the Facebook page "Dialogue on Frederikshavn Local Radio". It is then a task to advertise national radio stations through relevant approaches. And we can also imagine developing an unmanned version of the powerpoint with recorded sound, perhaps using video footage, which can be put on YouTube and Vimeo, and also advertise them.

5. Are you also the one who wants to take a break in collecting used items at the schools in Frederikshavn municipality and neighboring municipalities, and you are also welcome.

We are looking forward to hearing from healthy young people with courage and interest in the assignment and thus trying to do it with it.

Frederikshavn Multiethnic Association

  • Created: 26.04.18
  • Expires: 26.10.18


  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Assignmenttype: Events and fundraising, Communication and IT
  • Workarea: Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Frederikshavn Multietniske Forening

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