We are a team of experienced drivers seeking new volunteer colleagues.

As a volunteer driver / assistant in the Red Cross Odense you will pick up furniture in private homes as well as pick up clothes from our containers.

We devide our efforts throughout Odense but a central focus is our garment sorting at Lind Hansens Vej 9, 5000 Odense C and our furniture store, located in Fjordsgade 7-9, 5000 Odense C.

You will have help on your trip, but we expect:

  • that you can take charge
  • that you can lift and carry furniture
  • that you have a licence 

On the other hand, we offer a variety of tasks, a good community and a car equipped with movable belt, sack for staircases and furniture dogs.

Then you need driving experience for this job, and you can practice your Danish language

contact us to hear more - We are looking forward to hear from you.

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  • Assignmenttype: Practical work, Sustainability and recycling
  • Workarea: Cultural activities, Humanitary work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Røde Kors

Information about the organisation:

Røde Kors
  • Updated: 03.07.19
  • Expires: 03.10.19
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