The consultant primarily performing telephone counseling and support for persons who have been exposed to crime or accidents. In some cases, counseling is done in person, if this is deemed necessary. This service is only performed when two advisors can participate.


The advice is performed according to the schedule. You are allocated one week at a time, where you are responsible for providing advice. In addition, there are watch hours you offer, especially during the daytime hours.

It is expected that you will participate in 2 Basic education courses on 2 weekenddays (Saturday - Sunday) Local education in the conditions that apply locally in the Offer Counseling. The next basic training course is in March and April.

In addition, you must attend 4 joint meetings with the other advisors in the circle, where the police are also represented with the local contact police people we have.

Regular courses and theme days are offered with relevant content that strengthens you in the performance of your task.

At start-up, you will be provided with mobile and various materials for useful use in the giving. You will be trained to log on and off and on our search plan and how to use our local intra.

You have no costs, travel expenses and various other things are covered by the Offer Counseling, you just have to be able to put off for transport and then you get compensation paid for this expense.

You must be prepared to do this alone, but that you can always contact the local chairman who will assist you if you are in doubt about anything or encounter difficulties.


No special training is required to be an advisor, as you will receive the necessary education from whatever you are dealing with or have worked with.

But you must be able to talk to people who are in a difficult situation. It is the peer-to-peer conversation that most importantly be able to perform as an advisor. We do not do therapy or case processing, but we listen and we support and advise.


We are a voluntary counseling set up in 1998 by the National Police, as an offer to victims of crime and accidents. We are an unpolitical organization that has the police as the closest partner, but is independent of the police.

In South Zealand and Lolland Falster we are currently 6 advisors, but we would like to be 10 - 12 advisors. We have just undergone a major change in generatons, where we have had to say goodbye to advisors who have helped to start the organization here.


We have a duty of secrecy and we are very much in favor of those people who are in a difficult situation

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