The latest figures about young people in Rudersdal show that 14% of all gymnasium students in Rudersdal have considered suicide and 12% say they are lonely. These are some of the highest figures in Denmark.


In Backstage, we are a group of young volunteers who have experienced difficulties, and now we use our experience to support the young people in Rudersdal and the surrounding areas, who are mentally and socially dissatisfied. The figures show that there is a great need, and therefore we need you as a volunteer too.

We are talking with the young people and examining the challenges they face and what kind of support can make a difference to them. What we hear over and over again is that the taboos must be broken down and that having it tough must be normalised in a way we can talk about. Therefore, we take volunteers from Backstage for example to the upper secondary schools, municipalities, primary schools and psychiatry, where we present presentations, tell our personal stories, and how we proceeded. We emphasize the opportunities and the strength that lies in each person, and we humanize what it means to have mental challenges.

We will also hold workshops at the upper secondary schools on, for example, exam anxiety, bullying, etc. And then we also come up with existing offers for young people and create communities there. We also offer confidential conversations 1 to 1 for young people.

Backstage is in continuous development, and you therefore have a great opportunity to put your personal touch on the work.

Mental and social challenges can be anything - it can be stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, bullying, loneliness - but it can also be more indefinable and more a feeling that not everything is good. We do not go into the specific challenges - everyone who feels a need to talk to us is welcome - the same applies to you as a volunteer.

Become a volunteer

In order to be voluntary in the project you, as I said, have to know how it feels to have a hard time. Your personal experience makes the young people feel meticulously met and it gives hope to see that we who have had difficulty like them live a meaningful life where there is a surplus to help others. This is called peer support .

You should be between 17-35 years (+/-). This is because young people should be able to relate to you / mirror themselves in you, and you must be able to understand the situation and everyday life of the young. Our experience is that it is best achieved if the age difference is not too great.

You will gain experience with development work, dissemination, presentation and start-up of activities. We also make public relations and various kinds of materials and articles, where you will also be able to put your mark. As a volunteer, you are offered supervision, courses and workshops on peer support, conflict management, conversation technology and life storytelling, so you have the skills and security to carry out your volunteer work in Backstage. A volunteer coordinator has been employed in the project, which gives us sparring.

The volunteer work is mainly done in Rudersdal and the surrounding area, but you are welcome no matter where you are from :)

If you are interested, please contact us finally - we look forward to making a difference for young people with you.


Backstage is part of the voluntary association PEERS, which also consists of Bro til hverdagslivet (voluntary peer support for adults) and has a financial support from Ung i Rudersdal, foundations and Rudersdal Municipality. is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter, Counselling and self-help, Mentor or buddy
  • Workarea: Children and youth, Health and care, Political work
  • Continual volunteering

Information about the organisation:

I "Bro til hverdagslivet" arbejder vi med psykisk sårbarhed, inklusion og frivillig peer-støtte. Peer-støtte er, når du har oplevet psykiske og sociale udfordringer og bruger disse personlige erfaringer og for...
I "Bro til hverdagslivet" arbejder vi med psykisk sårbarhed, inklusion og frivillig peer-støtte. Peer-støtte er, når du har oplevet psykiske og sociale udfordringer og bruger disse personlige erfaringer og forståelsen til at støtte andre, som har det svært. Peer-støtte kan på dansk oversættes til "ligemand-til-ligemand". Som frivillig i projektet laver vi en masse spændende aktiviteter og udvikler hele tiden på nye ideer og tiltag. Vi laver også en del oplysningsarbejde, hvor vi forsøger at nedbryde tabuer og barrierer omkring psykiske udfordringer og samtidig bygge bro mellem mennesker, kommune og civilsamfund.
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