What are the Games Dolls Herning?

Spilopperne Herning is an activity group for children who live in a women's crisis center in the city. It is an activity under the Youth Red Cross in Herning.

We do activities with the children once a week. The activities range from everything from games, drawing and painting to common play, sand cake 'baking' and much more. Limited only by imagination. In the future, we hope to hold some out-of-house events for the kids, maybe you will help plan and do this? It can be anything from a walk in the woods to a film in the cinema. The activities vary according to the children's situation and the crisis center's framework.

The activities give the children an opportunity to let go of the thoughts and worries they are struggling with in their daily lives. In the relationship between us and the children, we especially strive to create stable and safe conditions. 

Children who stay or have stayed at women's shelters and similar institutions all have different backgrounds. Generally, it usually applies that the family has had an everyday life characterized by uncertainty. As a volunteer at Spilopperne Herning, you help to create bright spots in the children's everyday life, which means that the difficult time at the shelter and the period after will be a little easier to overcome.

Where and when?

The female crisis center in Herning, every Tuesday from 16: 00-17: 20.

What do you get out of being with?

As you engage in the Youth Red Cross, you help improve the lives of children and young people through equal and positive young-to-young relationships.

In the Youth Red Cross, over 20,000 children and young people each year put heart, time and ideas into our strong communities. It happens on everything from vacation camps and mentoring to homework cafes and clubs. You are part of this great social network, which is regularly seen for dialogue meetings and social events.

On our 320 activities around the country, our volunteer children and young people give some to talk to - both in life's ups and downs. Some activities make a virtue of being a space of trouble, while others make a virtue of being a free space for trouble - finally talking about them.

In addition, you can use your organizational commitment to strengthen your professional skills and develop your skills.

What do we expect of you?

To be part of Spilopperne Herning you must be over 18 years old. Your background is subordinate. Being a volunteer in the Spilopperne Herning requires you to have the desire and dedication to engage with the children while you are visiting. A great commitment and joy as well as the desire to be there infects a lot on the children. The goal is to give them a cozy and fun afternoon, where they are in focus and just don't have to think about the different challenges they may have. We must not act problem-solving, but must be impartial.

We expect you to be able to take two shifts a month and attend security meetings every 2/3. month, and that you put heart and commitment into the activity.

How do I become part of Spilopperne Herning?

Contact Herning Local Department, URK, via the button "Contact organization"

Give a brief description of yourself and your reasons for joining and we will contact you shortly :)

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  • Organisation: Ungdommens Røde Kors

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