Save the Children Kalundborg has initiated a partnership with the municipality of Kalundborg to secure children from vulnerable environments a good and active leisure life. These are children aged 6-17, whose parents, for social, cultural or health reasons, are unable to secure their child's participation in leisure life. Experience shows that a good leisure life can be a platform in which children with difficult conditions for growing up can set their background for a while, get to know themselves, find their identity, express their feelings or perform something and thus get recognition from other children and adults.

What does it mean to be a volunteer project manager at Red Barnet Kalundborg?

As a volunteer project manager you must take care of the leisure guides, stand for "volunteer job conversations" with new applicants, ensure good match between vulnerable children and leisure guides in collaboration with the Kalundborg municipality, contribute to good team feeling and ensure the quality of the efforts.

What do you become part of?

As a project manager, you become part of an inspiring and meaningful voluntary activity, which makes a difference for vulnerable children locally, as well as a part of Save the Children, which is the world's largest independent children's organization, which daily fights for children's rights.

What can we offer?

Being a Project Manager is an exciting opportunity for you, who wants to try your hand at volunteering, organizing, getting project management experience and who wants to challenge and develop yourself and your leadership qualities all the while making a difference for the vulnerable children in Kalundborg commune.

You also get ample opportunity to participate in courses that can contribute and strengthen your professionalism and personal development, if desired, and the opportunity to get gold journals for your CV.

In addition, we are also in favor of flexible volunteerism, which is suitable for an active family-job-study life.

Who are you?

You have:

  • A heart for children
  • Is spacious and positive
  • Engaged and motivating and filled with walking-on-courage
  • Want to enter into a collaboration with other volunteers
  • Responsibility and desire to make a difference


Have the above caught you, then hurry to send an application via the form "Contact organization" under the heading.

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.

  • Updated: 11.02.19
  • Expires: 12.05.19


  • Workplace(s): Kalundborg
  • Assignmenttype: Managing activities, Mentor or buddy, Refugees and integration
  • Workarea: Children and youth, Social work , Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Red Barnet

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