The project

The project period started in the autumn of 2018 and it is therefore a unique opportunity to participate in the early processes of the intervention. The purpose is to strengthen young people's sexual and reproductive rights through qualified teaching in Sierra Leone.

Right now we are working on an exciting and important piece of work, where with an investigative approach and with the partner organization CARL, we uncover which knowledge the country and the various CSOs have in the field of sexual rights and reproductive health (SRHR). An important basis for establishing future interventions.

In 2018 , AXIS entered into a new partnership with CARL (Community Action to Restore Lives) on SRHR in the field of education. The first part has been about creating insight into the SRHR context, as well as gaining knowledge and experience about the pedagogical work with SRHR in Sierra Leone. At the same time, AXIS has become a program organization and it opens up new opportunities for how we can cooperate with CARL on SRHR.

Your role

As a volunteer project coordinator you take care of the Danish part of the project and you act as sparring partner for our partner CARL. In cooperation with your project group, you must plan project start-up, monitoring the project and budget, plan the deployment of Danish employees, prepare reports and evaluate the project. In addition, you coordinate background meetings in collaboration with the project group, where the project's development is discussed continuously, and is responsible for the cooperation with our secretariat.

You must expect to be able to hold a meeting every 14 days and in addition be in contact with the partner and your Danish project group in the meantime.

Qualifications and terms

We therefore need a committed person who is interested in and has experience with project management in the development industry (including budgets). A person who can take ownership and work independently and who speaks and writes fluent English. It is an advantage if you are familiar with the SRHR area and have worked with development work in another NGO. You must at the same time have the courage to learn new things, learn from you, seek out new knowledge and participate in courses, so that we as a group become better at our work. As mentioned, you must be prepared to join a team that works together to create solid projects and which also focuses on the good and supportive group work.

We offer

Through the work as coordinator you will gain further knowledge of project management and project management tools, you will be able to participate in courses both in AXIS and in the various NGO networks, which provide insight into new and exciting methods in development work. You will become part of an exciting smaller Danish development organization with dedicated and professional employees and volunteers. The challenges in the project come in waves - our experiences tell us that you will therefore have to lay about 3 hours a week (includes both meetings and homework), though with very great variation. is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.

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  • Expires: 25.02.19


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