Do you love to cook and wish to contribute with your skills and time to welcome and feed our community?

Are you keen on meeting new people, having fun whilst improving your skills when handling food service?

If yes, then join our kitchen team and come change our community “one bowl at the time”!


The concept of One Bowl is to share food together as a community and to bring back the community life in our surroundings. Food has been a central part of community life throughout history. Lately there has been a lot of isolation and loneliness in society that not many of us have this privilege of sharing life around a table. Also poverty has taken its place in some people’s life, who we would like to welcome. Everyone should be able to afford a meal.

We have fun and we are volunteers, but we take our work very seriously. The only way we can stay serving people is by being open and serving good food and treating people with utmost dignity, like in heaven. Thus there are demands and expectations to what comes out of the kitchen. Working in a professional kitchen is challenging, there’s a certain order you will have to get used to; sometimes it will get really busy when we have influx of a large crowd. We do not require any professionalism beforehand but we expect you to work also when it is stressful and that you are interested in what you do.

What are we looking for?

  • Your availability to work during the cooking and serving shifts, from 3.00pm to 8.00pm - at least one day a week, between Tuesday and Friday;
  • Your passion for food, cooking and being part of a community, where you meal can change someone’s day;
  • Your availability and interest to cook plant-based/vegan food, where you are welcome to bring your own recipe, as long as it is scalable to  20/25 people;
  • Your beliefs about sustainable cooking as well as, fight against food waste;
  • Your open mind and heart to welcome all people, by sharing a bit of yourself but also to ensure you have fun while making sure the kitchen runs smooth and efficiently;
  • If you have previous experience from the hospitality, catering and/or restaurant, it is a preference, but not a must;
  • Our official language is English, so you need to be able to communicate fluently in english at all times (both write and verbal).

Due to some of our chefs being on holiday throughout the month of May, we are urgently seeking 2 to 3 new chefs to start ASAP beginning of May, if possible, last week of April so we can provide shadowing and training days.

What do we expect from our superchefs?

  • That you are responsible and understand how important it is for us that you attend your shifts and work hours - specially because without our daily chef we couldn’t be open;
  • That you understand the importance of handling and producing food for volume and are able to manage the quantities and the tasks ahead so we can commit to our serving times;
  • That you are the one responsible for letting us know in advance if you can’t make to your shift;
  • That you can work under potential pressure, specially when the restaurant receives higher volume of people
  • That you develop your kitchen skills, always keep in mind an healthy and safe approach, and welcome an environment where we are always learning with our actions;  
  • That you can work within a team and delegate tasks, as you will have other volunteers assisting in our kitchen team and keen to finish and serve on time, at our best capabilities.

Last, but not least, we need our “superchefs” to be our kitchen best practice ambassadors and must remember the rules below

(Un) written rules for kitchen work:


  • You always start a shift in the kitchen by tie your hair (if long) and washing your hands. Just like you wash your hands every time you change to a new task: touching your mobile phone, sneeze or have been to the toilet.
  • Your kitchen cloth is your best friend. You use it EVERY TIME you have the opportunity to. On the tables, the wall, the refrigerator, the machines, the stove. Everywhere.
  • Always clean after yourself. Before finished your shift make sure all tools are dishwashed (except wood tools), all surfaces are clean;
  • You put content and date on everything you put in the fridge, in the freezer, the storage etc.
  • You remember and live up to what we taught you in the hygiene course.

What do you get from One Bowl Community?

  • You will get to experience working in new kind of socio-economic initiative, where you can also use this experience to boost your academic project, research studies and/or just be an active part of our community;
  • You will get to expand your social network, from a  multicultural organization;
    You will get to know a lot about how to prepare different kinds of food and actively contribute to create a sustainable food circle, from its source to its production., aiming to reduce food waste at all times.
  • You get the opportunity to have a fully equipped kitchen to express and nurture your talents, skills and knowledge about food preparation;
  • Opportunity to enjoy any of our meals for free as an active volunteer in our organization;
  • Advanced knowledge of all our events and workshops so you can secure your spot;
  • An open space where you can invite your family and friends to join when you are cooking, or to be ours guests whenever they are looking for a restaurant, where to eat well, affordable and comfortably.
  • You will get to make a difference amongst people who experience food insecurity and social isolation;
  • You can get a reference letter for your next step.


Please apply if you want to join us and would like to meet our venue! Send us a motivation letter, explaining why you want to join us and why becoming a “superchef”! Would be super helpful if you can write a little about your experience with cooking and how would do you feel when cooking for big crowds. is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


Information about the organisation:

One Bowl
One Bowl is a non-profit, community restaurant. The community restaurant concept is a restaurant based on a gift economy, allowing people to "pay what you feel" and serving all members of the community regardless of their ability to pay. This is base...
One Bowl is a non-profit, community restaurant. The community restaurant concept is a restaurant based on a gift economy, allowing people to "pay what you feel" and serving all members of the community regardless of their ability to pay. This is based on the values that we would like to treat everyone equal,trustworthy, with dignity without any discrimination. We also want to be socially inclusive, including everyone with their preferences, culture and celebrate diversity. We will serve plant based meals. We are dependent on your generosity and volunteers to help us work towards to sustaining these values in our community.
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  • Updated: 17.04.19
  • Expires: 14.07.19