• Recent number from Centre for Voluntary Work shows, that almost 2 million Danes volunteer - that is 43% percent of the whole population! Become a part of the team, and bring along your friends. Volunteering is for everyone.

  • You don't think you will be appreciated? Though you do not get paid in money, you will still get paid - in appreciation! The Danes honour voluntary work, and therefore it is not only the organizations that value your help - it is the complete Danish nation.

  • You think that voluntary work wouldn't help your financial situation? Think twice - by volunteering your network will grow and you competencies will be broadened, which might help you find a job.

  • You think that you do not have the time? The time spent on voluntary work depends on your engagement in it. Many organizations are just happy for someone to join and the amount of hours vary - therefore you are able to choose the hours invested.

  • Are you still adapting to the new lifestyle in Denmark? Voluntary networks can help you adapt, and often other volunteers are happy to help you with big and small questions about life in Denmark.

..So get out of you comfort-zone and leave old patterns behind - start your search here and join 2 million other Danish volunteers today.