How do I find a volunteer job in Denmark?
If you want to do voluntery work in a Danish organisation or initiative then go to where you can find listings for volunteer positions written in English. This is an indication that the organisation is ready to take in volunteers who might not speak Danish or only have limited knowledge of the Danish language. 

Can I volunteer if I do not speak Danish?
Of course! There might be some voluntary jobs where it it will be more expedient to have volunteers who speak Danish, but many job listings can be done even though the volunteer is not perfect at Danish. Even a limited knowledge of the Danish language could be a starting point for a great volunteer experience. Voluntary work might also be a good way to practice the Danish language in a social context. It you find an interesting volunteer job or organisation then do not hesitate to contact them. 

Can volunteer work help me land a paying job in Denmark?
If you want a way into the Danish Labour market then volunteering might be the way to go. If you volunteer you experience situations close to the Danish work culture and you learn how to interact with Danish people. You also gain valuable experience for your resume which might help you land a paying job because you can bring relevant experience to the table. 

Where can I get face-to-face guidance in how to find and start in a volunteer job in Denmark?
If you want to talk to person who can help you find a suitable place to volunteer as well as guide you to working as a volunteer in the Danish culture, then you should contact your local volunteer center. You can use this map to see which one is closest to you. Your local volunteer center can can help you get an overview of the many voluntary organisations near you and guidance in to finding the right fit for you, you situation and interests.

Can volunteering help me form a social network in Denmark?
The Danish people is a volunteering people - 42 % are estimated to participate in volunteer work. So if you want to meet new people in Denmark, volunteering might be the way do achieve that. If you are new to the Danish culture, volunteer work can give you insight into how Danes socialize. The Danish people are rumored not to be so open and a bit difficult to get to know but if you meet them where they are - e.g. volunteering - then you make some new friends.

Are there limitations on how much volunteer work I can do when I am not a Danish citizen?
It you are not a Danish citizen you have to pay attention to what and how much volunteer work you can to. The rules have been amended in the summer of 2018 and have been relaxed a bit. You can read more here.